About Us.

Our story begins in 2003. Pipes Plumbing CEO and co-founder, Jason Veninga, was working with his brother at the time.

Jason had the benefit of working in a “white collar" world as a software developer before and had a good understanding of both worlds because of this. Now a full-time plumber, he quickly discovered not all plumbers are created equal. In fact, there was a massive lack of understanding on the technical side and a missing "personal touch" on the client service side.

Long waits, sloppy work, outrageous rates, poor communication, and so on. Jason also noticed a tremendous lack of knowledge on the consumer end. This made it easy for other plumbers to overcharge and underdeliver on numerous accounts. These were just some of the many issues Jason observed in the industry. So he set out to make real change!

His vision was simple – Create a company with the same values and morals he was brought up with at an early age: “Do to others as you would want done to you.”

No more mystery rates.
No more endlessly long waits.
And no more sloppy work!

Just fast, efficient, and straight-forward service without headaches or stress.
The result? A near instant success which swept across Ottawa!

Now, 15 years later and growing every day, that philosophy still remains the same.
With a small fleet of service trucks, armed with a team of licensed, insured, and experienced plumbers

You can be sure that when you give us a call, we’ll always be there for you.